“Pop-O-Razzi’s” Model Highlight

Tyshawn E. Taylor 

Meet Tyshawn, a senior at the Institute of Technology and a proud member of the class of 2023. As a talented athlete and driven student, Tyshawn has made a name for himself in both his academic and extracurricular pursuits. He is a proven leader amongst his peers and his calm, level headed leadership abilities, make him one the most effective and motivating young people in his class.

  Tyshawn  has committed to Utica University  for the fall of 2023 where he will study Health Care Management

Ty’s passion and love for his family and friends is what grounds him in everything he does.  Whether he’s catching passes while flying down the football field, or jumping over hurdles on the track; he keeps his focus on those that he counts on the most.    The young man that he is today is due to God and family and he is looking forward to becoming even greater in the next coming years. 

Celebrating Diversity and Individuality

Welcome to  the "Pop-O-Razzi’s Model Highlight" section, where we showcase some of the amazing individuals we've had the pleasure of working with. Models are selected  based upon their shared  and unique life’s story; ranging  from aspiring models to established professionals. 

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